Planning to hold an international conference?

You are on the right page. Welcome to the International Conference Secretariat of IIT Madras!

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Eligible Events

Our aim is to establish IIT Madras as a prominent global location for cutting-edge research and innovation by bringing together pioneering researchers, innovators, and practitioners to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and exchange of knowledge.

Open to all international academic, research, and industry conferences, workshops, seminars and other international events.

Support We Provide

  • Financial support from the Office of Global Engagement.
  • Logistics and operations support from the International Conference Secretariat.
  • Liaison with the ministries for necessary clearances.
  • Streamlined planning, execution, and follow-up.

Important Steps: Hosting Your Conference

  • Finalise the dates, book the venues, and invite the participants.

  • Apply all necessary clearances and permissions to host the conference.

  • Book a meeting with our team to finalise your plans.

Proposal Submission Process

  • We have three calls for proposals - the deadlines are provided upfront.
  • Start by submitting a proposal for your international event.
  • Develop a preliminary budget and proposed dates.
  • Include objectives, expected outcomes, and your target audience.
  • Share your proposal with

Contact Person

Mr. Vinoth S

Designation: Lead, International Conference Secretariat


Telephone: +91 44 22578878