International Immersion Experience Travel Award

Our Objectives

Cutting Edge Research

The International Immersion Experience (IIE) program aims to facilitate highly motivated students who work on cutting-edge research at IIT Madras to travel to a partner institution abroad and vice versa.

Interdisciplinary Expertise

Some of the present-day research activities require interdisciplinary research expertise that spans across the globe. International Immersion Experience (IIE) Travel Award is committed to providing partial financial support to students who can benefit from international exchanges.

Global Research Exposure

This award aims to push our best students beyond borders and increase their international research exposure.These visits will potentially improve the quality of the research outcome and the global standing of our institution.

Can I Apply?

Eligibility Criteria

If you are interested in applying for our research program, it’s important to ensure that you meet the following eligibility criteria

The research scholars who have completed their course work with a minimum CGPA of 8 are eligible to apply.
The applicant is expected to have cleared their PhD courseworks and comprehensive exam in their respective departments.
Should have identified a collaborator abroad who works on complementary research (visit to an existing collaborator is allowed)
Applicants should have obtained concurrences from their guide(s), HoD, and the supervisor at the host lab.
Host lab should be from a reputed university or research institute with a strong international standing.

Important Information

Student Responsibilites

Post-Visit Report:
A report highlighting the work carried out at the host lab must be submitted within two months from the date of return.
OGE IIE Symposium Participation
The awardees are expected to make a poster presentation in the OGE IIE symposium to showcase the outcomes of their visit. The symposium is expected to happen after twelve months from the date of award announcement.
Publication and Patent Submissions
Information regarding the publications/patents filed as outcomes of this collaboration must be submitted to OGE.
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Expected Timeline

Program Duration

Minimum Stay Requirement
The students are expected to spend a minimum of 45 days at the host lab/institute.
Maximum Stay Period
The IIE Travel award can be used for a maximum stay of 6 months in the host lab/institute till which the stipend will be continued.
Extended Stay Provisions
If additional time at the host lab is planned, the funds for this have to be arranged by the student working with her/his guide.
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Value of Award

Travel Allowance
This award entitles you to a travel (flight/rail ticket) of up to Rs.1,00,000. If the cost of the round trip exceeds this amount, kindly let us know. We may consider a small addition for genuinely expensive destinations.
Stipend Continuation
Continuation of your HTRA/PMRF stipend will be decided based on the review and will be informed in the award letter. We will send your name and details to the appropriate office to ensure there is a smooth execution.
Advance Travel Provisions
Travel Advance can be availed. This can be done based on the request from the students and for advance payment the required documents have to be submitted atleast two weeks before the date of payment.
Alumni Travel Grant
Additionally, Alumni Travel Grants can be availed on a reimbursement bases. There will be a separate application and review process. However, double payment for the same receipts will not be entertained.

“The award allows us to take a leap at an international research experience. It goes a long way in facilitating my visit to MIT, USA.”

Anusha Kumar, DoMS
Guide: Dr. Nandan Sudarsanam

“Awards like the IIE award inspire every researcher to think out of the box and pursue research topics and ideas which are truly global in nature and require better international collaboration ”

Krishnachandran S
Guide: Dr Arun Menon