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Welcome to ICEM 2024

This is the 22nd conference in the series of Experimental Mechanics conferences organized in association with the Asian Society of Experimental Mechanics (ASEM) across Asian countries. The first conference in this series was organized in 2002 at Taipei, Taiwan. This conference will be held at IIT Madras, Chennai, India in 2024 in association with ASEM and Indian Society for Applied Mechanics. This marks the second conference in this series being organized in India following the first instance in 2005 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

The conference welcomes original contributions/review articles dealing with advancements in Experimental Mechanics in the areas of Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics and Biomechanics/Biomedical Engineering. Comparisons with Numerical simulations are also welcome, provided the experimental content is at least 25%.


  • Photomechanics
  • Digital Photoelasticity – Methods and Applications
  • Digital Image Correlation – Methods and Applications
  • Heritage Structures
  • Thin Films
  • High Strain-rate Behaviour
  • Fatigue and Fracture
  • Impact Mechanics
  • Machine Learning
  • Optical Precision Metrology
  • In-situ Measurements
  • Composite Structures
  • Micro and Nano Mechanics
  • Extreme Environments

  • Optical Tomography
  • Liquid Crystal and IR Thermography
  • Microscale Imaging of Transport Phenomena
  • Optical Diagnostics
  • Micro and Nano Fluidics
  • PIV, Schlieren and Shadowgraph
  • Flow Visualization
  • Fluid-Solid Interaction

  • Cellular and Tissue Mechanics
  • Mechanobiology and Biomaterials
  • Emerging Topics in Biomechanics
  • Biomedical Signal Processing
  • Biomedical Imaging and Image Processing
  • Wearable Biomedical Sensors and Systems
  • Biomedical and Health Informatics
  • Bioinstrumentation and Biomedical Devices

  • IC/Hybrid Engine Development
  • Design Validation
  • Locomotion and Rehabilitation
  • Sports Mechanics
  • Education

A one-day workshop on Digital Photoelasticity - advancements and applications in which participants can get hands-on experience on modern digital photoelasticity software.

*Prior exposure to Experimental Stress Analysis is desirable

The conference is also envisaged to promote a healthy interactive and more immersive experience to the participants with the use of modern tools for networking. The entire conference can be visualized on a smart phone with multi facilities to interact with the attendees. Participants can plan their personal agenda to attend the paper presentations of their choice with timings populated in their calendars and thus use their conference time judiciously and effectively.

The following gives typical screenshots of the app, Eventify®. All registrants of the conference will get access to this app on their smartphone/computer by October 1st 2024. Please explore it and as soon as you get access, upload your lively photographs (instead of passport-styled ones), bio data and familiarize yourselves with this event management application for its effective usage at the conference.

The main menu showcases the app's features, including the user's agenda, messages, and bookmarks, offering a personalized experience. Users can easily manage their profiles, receive timely session notifications, and stay well-informed about the ongoing talks.

Users can explore the profiles of all attendees/ speakers, complete with photographs and bio data uploaded by them, enhancing the conference experience. We encourage you to upload lively photographs, fostering vibrant interactions and further enriching the overall experience.

Participants can curate their conference experience by selecting each paper of their interest by creating a personalized schedule linked to their calendar, ensuring that the conference time is well-spent.

Through the community feature, attendees can access event announcements (all last-minute changes will be notified only through this channel – no other announcements), set up personal meetups, explore academic opportunities, reach out to organizers and more, enhancing their overall networking at the conference.