Passport and Visa

International conference participants planning to participate in a conference at IIT Madras are advised to follow the following instructions for the visa application procedure:

Visa Type: A Conference Visa is compulsory to attend an international conference in India. Other visa categories (business, tourist, or student) will not be acceptable for ICTAC 2024.

Visa Application Details:

  • e-Visa: We recommend applying for an e-Conference Visa through - this process generally takes about 2-3 days.
  • Regular Visa: If you choose to apply at an Indian consulate or seek a regular conference visa through the usual online method, expect a processing period of 5-10 days. You may be asked to pick up the clearance in person from the consulate once they have processed it.

Required Documents to obtain a Conference Visa:

  • Clearance: IIT Madras will secure necessary clearances from the Ministry of Education (MoE) and the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). These will then be forwarded to international participants.
  • Invitation Letter: You will receive an official invitation from IIT Madras, complete with the event letterhead and signed by the event convenor.

Passport and Visa Requirements:

International attendees must ensure they possess a passport with a minimum of six months validity beyond the planned date of departure from India post-conference, along with a valid visa.

To join conferences in India, a specific "Conference Visa" for ICTAC 2024 is required, as other visa types will not be recognized for entry.

Participants already in India on a different visa must exit and re-enter with a Conference Visa.

Upon arrival, Indian immigration officers will verify your details against the list provided by IIT Madras to the Ministry of External Affairs. The absence of a proper Conference Visa may result in denial of entry to India.

Note: Holders of long-term Indian visas (like Business Visa) must still apply for a new "Conference Visa" specifically for the conference. This visa mandates specified entry and exit dates tied to the conference schedule.

The validity of any other visas will be paused during the conference period and will be reinstated after the expiry of the Conference Visa.

Frequently encountered issues with Ministry Clearances during Visa application:

  • The visa application might include fields for clearance from the ‘Nodal Ministry’ and the ‘State Government’. For ICTAC 2024, these documents are not required. The clearance from the MoE will suffice for both.
  • Please mention the following in the remarks section of your visa application:
    • State Government approval is not mandatory for international conferences hosted at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.
    • The MoE's clearance has been attached in place of the Nodal Ministry clearance.
  • Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) Clearance: The online visa application might indicate that a clearance from the MHA is necessary. This specifically applies only to participants from Prior Reference Categories (PRC) or those intending to visit 'Restricted/Protected areas' as outlined by the MHA.
  • PRC countries include China, Taiwan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan, and individuals of Pakistani origin or Stateless persons. Attendees from these groups will need MHA clearance.
  • If the application prompts participants for MHA clearance, it may be ignored as it is considered optional or substituted with the MEA clearance.
  • Please adhere to these guidelines to ensure a seamless visa application process for your attendance at the conference at IIT Madras.

This information is intended to aid in understanding the requirements. For more details, please consult