Hotel Accommodation

We have formed partnerships with several hotels in close proximity to the IIT Madras campus, each offering a range of prices to accommodate the diverse preferences of our conference attendees. These options aim to ensure a comfortable and convenient stay for all participants during the conference.

Name: Mr. S. Shranoth

Phone: 9790782177


Name: Mr. Vamshi Krishna

Phone: 9940013269


Name: Mr. Prabhu Kumar

Phone: 9597086800


Name: Mr. Karthik

Phone: 9025221829


Affordable dormitory-style accommodation is accessible for students at the Youth Hostel in Adyar, conveniently situated near IIT Madras. For additional details, please refer to the following website:

Hostel Accommodation

Limited number of hostel accommodation will be available for research scholars and students on first-cum-first reservation/ payment basis. Accommodation will be provided for registered delegates only. If you haven't yet registered for the conference, please do so before booking accommodation.

No changes can be made after the booking is confirmed.

Changes in the number of days and partial refunds are not possible. However, cancellation for a full refund is allowed, with applicable processing charges.