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Bound nature of concatenated deleting machinesA. NancyVIT Vellore
Geometric picture for SLOCC classification of pure permutation symmetric three-qubit statesDr. Divyamani B GTunga Mahavidyalaya, Thirthahalli
Error-immune information transfer with orbital angular momentum modes of lightRAJNI BALAIIT Delhi
An empirical analysis of Entanglement and Correlations in Quantum Support Vector MachineDiksha SharmaIIT Jodhpur
Harnessing quantumness using discrete Wigner functions (DWFs)Jai LalitaIIT Jodhpur
Hardy correlations empower the utility of perfect classical channel.Ananya ChakrabortyS. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences
Structured near field spatial correlations in entangled photonsRadhika PrasadIndian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Quantum features of nonclassical states generated with a pulsed partially coherent pumpSakshi RaoIIT Delhi
Role of entangling operators in correlated competitive market gamesA. V. S. KAMESHWARIVellore Institute of Technology
Significance of quantum protocols using Bell states over protocols using four-qubit entangled statesMeera RamachandranVellore Institute of Technology
Exploring superadditivity of coherent information of noisy quantum channels through genetic algorithmsGovind Lal SidardhSN Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences
Generalized spin kitten states in a strongly coupled spin-oscillator systemDr. M. BalamuruganUniversity of Madras
Thermal coherence of the Heisenberg model with Dzyaloshinsky–Moriya interactions in an inhomogenous external fieldMANIKANDAN PARTHASARTHYVivekananda College
2D-Material as a quantum material platform for single photons sources and applications in quantum technologiesLaxmi Narayan TripathiVIT Vellore
A Decade of Advancement of Quantum Sensing and Metrology in India Using Cold Atoms and IonsPranab DuttaIISER Pune
Uncertainty Relations in Pre- and Post-Selected SystemsSahilIMSc
Quantum walk-based protocol for secure communication between any two directly connected nodes on a networkPrateek ChawlaIMSc
Classical superdense coding and communication advantage of a single quantumRAM KRISHNA PATRAS.N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences (SNBNCBS)
Improvement in quantum communication using quantum switchArindam MitraIMSc
Field demonstration of Distributed Phase Reference QKD Protocols over 100 km intercity link with narrow band laser and analysis of its security in presence of simple attacksAmit ShrivastavaRCI DRDO
CHSH violation of the entangled Bell (|ψ^+>) state in the noisy environmentTOMISIndian Institute of Technology Jodhpur
Understanding the validity of the Markovian approximation in the dynamics of energy transfer in the FMO complexAmit Kumar UpadhyayIIT Bombay
Analysing Polariton States in the Non-Dispersive regime of cQEDSamarth HawaldarIndian Institute of Science, Bengaluru
Characterizing Polariton States in the Non-Dispersive regime of cQEDArvind MamgainIndian Institute of science
Quantification of Quantum Non-Locality: Exploring the phenomenon beyond classical understandingVivek Balasaheb SabaleIIT Jodhpur
Non-Markovian dynamics of a driven qubit interacting with a structured environmentHarsh AroraIISc
Accelequant – Accelerating the Future of Quantum ComputingDesu Surya Sai Teja, Dhanush KarupakulaAccelequant
The Classical Capacities of Quantum Networks with Waiting-time Dependent NoiseJaswanthi MandalapuIIT Madras
Classical ML for a quantum computer : predicting ground state energies of small moleculesKalpak GhoshIIT Madras
Atomic dance on a quantum computer: Simulating Ab initio molecular dynamics of small moleculesSumit KumarIIT Madras
Noise-adapted recovery maps for quantum error correctionDebjyoti BiswasIIT Madras
Information scrambling, sensitivity and chaos in quantum systems.Naga Dileep VarikutiIIT Madras
Quantum Entanglement in Atomic SystemsSreelakshmi PillaiIIT Madras
Dynamics of entanglement and entropic uncertainty relation in continuous variable systemsSoumyabrata PalIIT Madras
Quantum tomography under perturbed Hamiltonian evolution and scrambling of errors – a quantum signature of chaosAbinash SahuIIT Madras
Transporting information and energy simultaneously through a quantum channelBishal DebbarmaIIT Madras
On classifying absolutely maximally entangled states and the infinitude of inequivalent quantum solutions to the problem of 36 officers of EulerN RamadasIIT Madras
Quantum Synchronization of a Composite Two-Qudit OscillatorGaurav VaidyaIIT Madras
Spontaneous parametric down conversion from BBO-Si meta-surfaceKRISHNA YADAVIIT Madras
Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution @ IITMApurva PadhyeIIT Madras
Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution @ IITMSARAVANA VILASHINI MIIT Madras
QKD in the NISQ era: enhancing secure key rates via quantum error mitigationShashank Kumar RanuIIT Madras
Effect of polarization mismatch on the key rates of DPS-MDI QKD.Nilesh SharmaIIT Madras
Theory of Communication Efficient Quantum Secret SharingKaushik Senthoor RIIT Madras
Metro Area Quantum Access NetworkAnil PrabhakarIIT Madras
Approximate four qutrit quantum error correcting code for amplitude dampingSourav DattaIIT Madras
Ensemble of quantum-classical ML algorithms for phishing detection in ethereum transaction networksSai ShakunthalaIIT Madras
Entropic uncertainty bounds through random diagonal unitariesAditya BalachanderIIT Madras