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Engineering, Science, and Technology Challenge 2023 (ESTECH 2023)

Dear Students,

We would like to inform you that the Engineering, Science, and Technology Challenge 2023 (ESTECH 2023) will be held on 23-24 AUGUST 2023 at the UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI PETRONAS, Perak Malaysia. This will delve deeper into Innovation Towards Energy Sustainability and Smart Communities.

 ESTECH 2023 presents the following competitions:-

  • Futuristic University Campus Design (FU-CAD) – The design concept competition for futuristic university campus to include designs from hybrid learning to social hubs.
  • Sustainable and PORtable Individual Transport (SPRINT) – The design competition for a cost-effective, portable, compact, and lightweight last-mile personal transport system to solve the last-mile problem in public transit.
  • PetroSolve – Simulation problem-solving using tNavigator software.
  • Innovative Simulation Challenge (INNOSIM) – Problem-solving competition using process simulation.
  • Electrical & Electronic & Computer Engineering Ideation Competition (ElectreCup) – Robotic and automation ideation, poster presentation, and pitching to solve problems.
  • Coding King – A programming competition to develop coding skills, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.
  • Young Geo-Explorer Challenge (YouGEC) – Modelling competition that analyzes the pictorial information and several seismic lines on oil and gas exploration onshore and offshore.
  • Young CEO X-Factor Challenge – Team-based competition that aims to produce future business leaders that have business analytics acumen and are able to provide sustainable business solutions.
  • Next-in-Chemistry Challenge (NICC) – Research and innovation pitching with the theme “The Healing Power of Chemistry.”

Registration link: https://uevent.utp.edu.my/estech2023/participantreg/Site/Register 

For more information, please see the attachment.

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