Inbound-Course Work

Kindly note:
Only the following list are required for Course work:

(i) Application form
(ii) Transcripts
(iii) Nomination from International office
(iv) CV
(v) Passport copy
(vi) No research proposal required

Form Details

Purpose of Visit*

Alternate contact number
Blood Group*

Person with Disability*

Residential type preferred*



Program Type*
Work experience status
Present organisation name*
Present designation
Joining date at present organisation
Conferences/Journal publications
Host University
Faculty advisor/supervisor
Financial Support*
Work experience category
Place of working
Total work experience

Research proposal
Any additional information

General Information
    Date of Birth*
    Place of Birth*
    Father’s name*
    Mother’s name*

Address Information
    Present Address*
    Permanent Address
Passport Details
    Passport Number*
    Date of Issue*
    Place of Issue*
Additional Information

Date and Place of previous stay in India*
Research Scholar : Area of Research*
Other Students : Area of Studies*
Expected Duration of Stay*
Places in India likely to be visited*
Name of the Indian Mission Abroad*


Curriculum Vitae*    
Acceptance Letter*   
Nomination Letter*   
Passport Copy*           


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