High Risk High Reward Mobility Grant

The High Risk High Reward Mobility Grant is a unique program with IIT Madras’ valued strategic partners. This seeks to strengthen existing and/or initiate collaborations with top research universities/institutions (preferably within the top 25 QS ranked universities or institutions of international repute). A collaboration with a researcher with impeccable credentials may also be considered.


  • Provide a platform for long-term research engagement
  • Opportunity to initiate joint guidance for Masters/Ph.D. programs
  • Pioneering collaborative research leading to top quality peer-reviewed joint publications
  • Knowledge exchange beyond the host institution to include additional collaborators/institutions
  • Opportunity to explore bilateral regional grants


  • IITM to provide financial support for faculty travel and stay for up to 2-3 months at top collaborating institutions.
  • One PhD student to travel with faculty and spend 6-12 months at the collaborating institute.
  • Complete financial assistance for the student’s travel and stay at the collaborating institute will be available under this program.


Figure: Procedure for proposing a Jointly Funded Bilateral Mobility Program